Poetics of Poketmón or diverging dramatic realities.

The narrative structure of the serial will be based upon the future super hit Poketmón Poetics. This way the dramatic reality will be broken down in to as many narrative layers as possible, so as to have a series of interacting parallel universes which will create a hotchpotch puzzle of multi-linear narratives. These different layers will be interconnected and combined in the filmic spacio-temporal continuum but as well as that they must be represented in the most lawless and chaotic fashion possible through a barrage of different graphic and audiovisual idioms.

Perhaps then, the power of the mind will be able to fly free like a pesky fly on a hot summer afternoon. But always within the context of our art form which is an impassable frontier. All creations will be driven by two forces, that in certain cases can even be contradictory: The particular entailed background of each element.

The general thesis of the serial as common background that will be dealt with through our multifocal approach.

For this tremendous artistic venture we will need your participation and collaboration. Let's all turn it in to a referent both on a regional and on a global scale.

Poketmon Story

Once upon a time in a far off dimension called Hisperia there was a country-state-republic-regional-confederation-kingdom inhabited by the Poketmón people.

So this... location, was so far away from the reasonable and recommended practical reality that it was always about to topple right off the edge of the map down the waterfalls on the perimeter of the known.

These weird but strangely familiar beings took the strangest of shapes. They were asexual but at the same time extremely sexy and unbearably immoral. They lived in a state of perpetual moral conflict of interests due to their incapacity to expire and their owners' extraordinary love of violence, which condemns them to fight to death until the end of times.

(to be continued...)

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