POKETMÓN is animation, comic strip, video game, web 2.0, social network, design, dialogical art, political discussion and social criticism. It's pure ART, processed and packaged for the whole family. It's a parody of Pokemon and an insight into the nationalisms and social peculiarities within the spanish state. POKETMÓN, in catalonian, or PETTYWORLD, in english, sets out to describe and criticize the creation of barriers that prevent each individual from living and enjoying life with absolute freedom.

What's the project all about?

It's all about establishing a platform for political and artistic debate in the form of this animated parody. For that reason we offer:


Poketmón is an allegory of all those attitudes that we consider short sighted and limited in our society. We will focus our artistic efforts on fighting the proliferation of nationalistic movements (both imperialistic and separatist), in an attempt to counteract absurd regionalisms and grotesque fascisms fed by humans' innate stupidity and the enormous beast we call globalization. Moreover it is a criticism of the direction that globalization itself has taken and the social homogenization of humankind which is gradually erasing autochthonous cultural differences on account of modern western pseudo-cultural pressure. It is also a criticism of the global stupidization caused by the combination of this mass culture and our infinite and innate stupidity. As well as the idiotization and the increase of violence between humans in general and particularly the children of this world. Aberrations like the Pokemon saga must be eradicated without the necessity to actually ban them. And yes, as you can imagine from our line of reasoning, we, the creators of this parallel world blame Enrique Iglesias for all the evil in this world and we are after him! Amen.

The Poketmón Corporation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Spain License.

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